DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

First Swallowed Bug of the Season...

It was seventy when I got home! Nothing in the way of wind either. What a perfectly cromulent day! Off to the bike path I went. I did a bit over thirteen miles. It had been a couple of weeks, what with the crappy weather and the rhinovirus, so I was a bit tired after the first lap, but otherwise felt fine, so I headed out for another lap. Halfway up Tefft Hill the back of my left calf started to cramp up, something that I can't recall ever happening to me before in some 45+ years of riding. I occasionally get night cramps in my calves, but not for more than a year. I have been getting night cramps in my left lower leg (and only that leg), but in the muscle that runs along the outside of the leg.

So I turned around and headed back. I had about two miles back to the Kingston Station. It wasn't all that bad. I babied the leg some when it first happened, and then the pedaling motion eventually worked most of the crampiness out. Doesn't feel bad at all now.

I still have some vestiges of my cold, but not too bad. The only complication is that my allergies started to kick in today. No let up for my respiratory system.
Tags: biking, health, weather

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