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Spring in my Step

What a lovely day, sunny, sixties. It occurred to me that spring starts on Friday. Took a quick walk around the house today, and noticed that the daffodils are starting to poke up through the surface. I was surprised. The ground is still pretty frozen.

Pulled the bike out of the basement and did twelve miles, down to the cemetary, then over to beautiful, downtown Slocum, and back home. Rode by the old house. Landlady!D and DH have been building low walls here and there on the property with all the stones that were dug out of the basement when they had the oil leak. (Background: About six months after I moved out, D & DH came back from their honeymoon to discover that the oil tank in the basement had sprung a leak. The basement floor was just dirt, so a hundred gallons of oil went straight into the ground. Cleaning it up required that the 140 year old, three story house be put onto girders and jacked up off the foundation so that DEM could excavate the contaminated soil out from under the house. This was hideously expensive, but insurance covered most of it, and they wound up with a concrete basement floor, which I would've killed for back when my tools were rusting away down there. Had I known what would happen way back when, I might have poked a few holes in the tank myself. 'Sokay, I like my new, much drier basement.) Anyhow, the walls look good. Wonder if they ever got around to painting my old bedroom.

The ride was good, but with all the puddles and road sand everywhere, the bike and I wound up filthy. The bike needs a tune up badly, as well. Should have brought it in last weekend before I left for FL, but if it's not super nice on Saturday, I'll do it then. My legs were very stiff when I got off the bike, and my knee bothered me a little near the end, but that's normal, and actually it wasn't so bad considering it's the first time I've been on the bike in six months. I was tired, but in a good, just had a decent workout way.

The other good thing is that I was able to do it without hacking up a lung. The cough is still with me, although it is manageable. It didn't improve (or get worse) down in Orlando, which was disappointing, because I was sure the warmth and humidity would help. It didn't. It also doesn't seem as though the new inhaler is working any better than the old inhaler, if it's even working at all. Bother. However, since it didn't seem to get worse with the exertion today, or with all the walking around in Orlando, I'll probably try to go to volleyball Thursday, and see how that works out.

I really liked it, a lot, and then they ruined it in the final scene. They killed John and Aeryn, then said "To be continued...". Frell that. Damn it, if they didn't know it was going to end, you have to roll your eyes at the fact that they killed them AGAIN! No way I was going to come back and see how they picked up the pieces after that. And if they did know it was going to be the last scene ever, then it is the most lame ass way to end a series ever. There was no heroic sacrifice, no meaning to their deaths. Right in the middle of their happy ending, a big stompy foot came out of the sky at random and squashed them flat. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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