DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

The Black Thumb Strikes Again...

The weather was very annoying this weekend. Yesterday was wonderfully warm and sunny, except for the thunder storms that kept rolling through every couple of hours. Today was cooler and sunny, except for the rain clouds that kept passing through every few hours.

I bought a bunch of pansies yesterday to plant in the driveway bed in the spots where I didn't put bulbs. I managed to get them in today between sprinkles. I did this thinking that pansies were perennials. Turns out they're not. I'm pretty sure it was the ex what told me they were perennials. Even a quarter century later she tests me...

I also got some seeds for tomatoes (four kinds) and muskmelons (just one), and I was down in the basement planting them in this mini-greenhouse seed starter my mother gave me for Christmas a few years back. I tried it in 2005 (I think), but neglected the seedlings, so they roasted. So it goes. This time for sure!

I still had some seeds left over from that foray, so I planted a few of those, too. What the heck? I had plenty of room in the bio-dome, and if they don't germinate, I still have the seeds I bought this year. I did up the number of seeds per peat nugget to boost the statistical chances of something still being alive.

Once I had the seeds in their little peat packs, I added water to the base and waited an hour or two for capillary action to do its thing. Then I needed to find a place in my house that is relatively warm to stash the thing while the seeds germinated. That part was harder than I expected. It's been warm out, so the house has been warmish, too, but I usually keep the temperature below sixty at night and when I'm at work. The basement tends to be even colder. I suppose I could've put it on the furnace, but then if it stays warm out, it won't kick in. In the end I wound up stashing it behind my computer, right in line with the rear fans and their continuous 30° exhaust stream. Brilliant, if I say so myself.
Tags: garden, weather

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