Sunday, April 13th, 2008
8:05 pm - The State of the Bike...  
Yesterday I took the Fuji over to the bike shop for its freebie one-year tune-up. Now it's all well-lubed and stuff, and bike shop guy even cleaned off some of the grime and grit that accumulated during a winter of riding through puddles from melting snow. He needed to fiddle with the front brake a bit because the design does not appreciate the way I stash the bike under the lid of the pick-up truck. There's this swivel arm thingie that the cable stay fits into, and it keeps getting bent out of shape in one way or another. This wouldn't happen if I were more careful putting the bike in the back of the truck, but I didn't notice it was occurring until well after the damage was done. When I did, I started disconnecting the pieces figuring that would solve it. Nuh uh. The little arm would then get stuck on the frame, getting bent even worse in a different way if I didn't notice. Anyway, he repaired it, and I will be more careful in the future.

We also noticed that there's no tread left on the back tire, so I had him order some new ones. I also spent some of my credit chit on a new pair of bike gloves, and a bike pump. I seem to have lost one of the pair of bike gloves I bought last summer. They were sitting amongst the pile of stuff on the truck's passenger's seat for most of the winter, so it's possible it made a break for it when I opened the door on that side. They're black, so if it fell out after dark I might never notice. Or else it's found a cranny somewhere.

I don't mind too much. They were only $5 on sale. I bought a pair of full-fingered Fuji gloves for $30 last fall for winter riding, and they were very comfortable, more comfortable than the $5 ones. Go figure. The ones I got yesterday were fingerless versions of the same for $22. They're black with Dodger blue trim, so that'll probably make me go faster.

The pump is neat. It's a standard frame mounted pump, but it also has a pressure gauge built in, which is a great idea. Better yet, if you're really in a hurry, you can snap in a CO2 cartridge to inflate the tire in place of tedious hand pumping. Neat! And only $20!

Of course with the weather annoying as it was, I never did get to ride. Tomorrow's supposed to be nice, though.