DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Still Not Warm...

Rode both last night and this evening, trying to get into some sort of routine after a run of bad weather, illness, and injury. It's still not particularly warm out, but it has been very sunny. All that sunshine keeps fooling me into wearing somewhat less warm clothing than I ought. It feels so nice with the sun warming you, but once you start pedaling the windchill kicks in, and since the path is mostly shaded, you lose that warm sunshine. Plus the closer you get to sunset, the cooler it gets. It was about fifty when I started last night, and although I was layered up well enough, I didn't bother with the ear clamp. I swear my ears were frosted over by the time I was done.

Tonight it was even sunnier and just under sixty, so I celebrated by wearing my shiny new fingerless gloves, and skipping a couple of layers. By the end of the ride my fingertips were numb and my forearms were shivering. Tomorrow's supposed to be warmer. Maybe a t-shirt and shorts...

The Dodgers are celebrating Nomar's early return from the DL by pounding the Pirates, who are having just an awful game so far. 6-0 after two.

Ken Arneson posted an interesting linguistics piece over at Dodger Thoughts on the proper pronunciation of Hong-Chih Kuo's last name. This was prompted by an earlier discussion today about whether it should be Kuo or Guo or something else, as well as proper pronunciation of non-English names in general.
Tags: baseball, biking, weather

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