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Of course, there is a downside to all these warm and sunny days. I had to mow the lawn tonight.

The mower started up on the second pull, which might be a record for first starts of the year by lawn mowers owned by me. If nothing else mowing the lawn gave me to opportunity to walk around the yard to see what other yard chores need doing. The evil thicket certainly needs some cutting back. There's one good sized autumn olive limb laying on the ground back there, plus there's some smaller branches trying to encroach.

I also need to do something about some huge ruts alongside the driveway, remnants of getting my septic system pumped out. Apparently the septic pumping guy only checks the driver's side mirror when backing his truck up a driveway. Fortunately there's a big old pile of top soil hidden back in the thicket. If only I had a wheelbarrow. That would be something.

There's plenty of other stuff that I ought to do, too. Sometimes I despair about how much there is to be done, both inside and outside.
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