DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Out, Damn Thicket!

Staved off yet another invasion attempt by the evil thicket with the help of my trusty chainsaw and a pair of loppers. Am now ridiculously worn out. Saving the world from the scourge that is the autumn olive is tiring work.

The weather has been terrific, although today is cold and gray. Apart from riding my bike, yesterday was spent down in the basement cutting up plywood for the latest project. Passed 250 miles for the year already. No ride today.

The tulips arrived this week, along with the bradford pear, the mini-rhododendrons, and the cherry tree. Throw in the daffodils, pansies, and forsythia, and it's a wonderful world of color (cue Tinkerbell). The only nay-saters seem to be the majority of the crocuses that I planted near the cherry tree last fall, which sent up lots of foliage but few flowers.

The biodome seedlings seem to be thriving. The only non-starters appear to be the three year-old flat-leaf parsley seeds. One oddity is that of the two types of muskmelon planted, the seeds packaged for this year have been out germinated by those from 2005, 2-1.

I spent about an hour on the phone with Cox this morning. About a week ago, there were a couple of mornings where Firefox would just hang trying to render any website I tried. Then it would be fine again in the evening. It happened again Friday morning, and again, it was fine when I got home from work. Happened again yesterday, and since I was home I could see it slowly come back, as though there was some huge amount of traffic slowly ebbing away. Still, even by evening it was kind of slow, and although I was finally able to watch Friday night's Dodger game (which is my normal Saturday morning ritual), there were still some hangs.

This morning the damn browser (Firefox and IE) wouldn't even resolve DNS. I called Cox, which has this automated help service, which didn't, so it shifted me over to a human. She was actually helpful and knowledgeable (actually, I've always found Cox's tech support to be pretty good). After trying a bunch of things, she had me take the router out of the system, and lo, it worked properly again. So right now my computer is connected directly to the net. Which means I can't access my print server, but I have no need just this instant.

Of course, this brings up the question of what exactly is going on with the router. It's an old Linksys that I installed six or seven years ago. The behavior seems more like a DoS attack, though, than a hardware failure. Even when I couldn't get to anywhere on the net, I was still able to bring up the router's configuration pages. Very peculiar.

I have another router I can try, a Linksys wireless router I've had for yonks but never got around to installing. We'll see.

Tags: annoyances, computers, garden, yard

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