DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Sunny Day

Boardwalk Through Lonsdale Marsh Rode the Blackstone Valley path this morning. It was very sunny, but cool and breezy. I wore a long sleeved shirt and needed it. I was pleased to discover that not only is the section from Manville to Woonsocket that was under construction last year officially open, but there's also a new half-mile section now open at the south end of the path. A good chunk of that is carried over Lonsdale Marsh by a spiffy boardwalk. It really is the prettiest of the RI bike paths.

In looking at the map, the southern end of the path is now only about two miles from McCoy Stadium. Of course that two miles involves biking on the sketchy streets of Central Falls and Pawtucket.

The next part of the day involved me following the lawnmower around the yard. It's amazing how fast grass grows in the springtime. We hates it.

Then I put some seedlings in the ground. Five tomato plants: Jubilee, Brandywine, Better Boy, Red Lightning, and Super Beefsteak, and two muskmelons: Ambrosia and Hearts of Gold. The muskmelons are interesting in that the Hearts of Gold, packaged for 2008, produced exactly one seedling from six seeds, while the Ambrosia, left over from 2005, gave me five plants from nine seeds. Sadly, I have room for one of each. I also put a basil seedling in a pot. The seedlings are all tiny, much smaller than the ones I usually purchase from Schartner's or Wal-Mart. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. The plants will like that. I also need to buy some tomato cages. I've always tried to stake my tomatoes, but I always fall behind on tying the vines to the stakes. Better to just get the cages and let the plants flop around.

I was going to work on the face frames for the work bench, but discovered that my planned method of construction won't work. I need to visit Woodcraft tomorrow night.
Tags: biking, garden, projects, yard

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