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Sunny Afternoon

Another gorgeous day. At lunch I was sitting in the truck with the window open, reading the paper, and "Sunny Afternoon" playing on the CD. (The only downside to that was that I began filking an anti-war song out to it. It was practically writing itself, and it started to bug me because I love that song, so I quit.)

It's still pretty warm out. I went for a walk around a couple of hours ago, and it was still nice, even though it was starting to fog up a little. There's a full moon, and it was just nice to walk around the neighborhood without it being ridiculously cold.

After work I took a ride up the the Mr. Bargains outlet looking to see what they had in the way of flooring for the living room. Since I've been convinced by all and sundry that I should get rid of the old carpet, I'm gonna need to replace it with something, and I'm thinking ahead. They had real oak parquet tiles (not that faux oak hevea stuff) for $1.39 a square foot, which is only ten cents more than I paid for the tiles in the back room. Thing is, I don't want to do the entire living room in parquet tiles. They also had some laminate flooring for $1.79/sq ft, but it just looks too fake for me to want to use it in the living room. I might consider doing the kitchen and hall some day with the faux cherry laminate they had, just to get rid of the vinyl. Unfortunately, the didn't have any of the individual strips I got there when I did the back room. That's what I'd really like to use. There's a flooring outlet up in Dedham, so one of these weekends I need to head up that way and take a look to see what they have.

In other news, our health plan got revised again, and all the copays went up $5, including my inhaler. Still glad to have it, but it's getting ridiculous the hoops we're having to jump through to maintain the plan for the company.

And finally, Seton Hall not only didn't make the NCAA, but they're going to be playing URI in the first round of the NIT in Kingston Wednesday. JR's trying to get tickets so we can go, where I'll have the dubious pleasure of rooting for my undergraduate alma mater against my graduate alma mater. Sheesh. They've only faced each other four times ever, and the Hall has beaten Rhody every time, including once in the NIT back in the forties, when Chuck Connors was playing center for the Hall.

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