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Stupid Bank

Almost got nibbled to death by ducks today. Doing bills this morning I noticed a 'check returned unpaid' charge on my credit card statement, plus a late fee because there was no payment. I made the payment through the credit card company's website, which I have done before with no problems. I checked my bank statement; there was plenty of money to cover the payment. WTF? I called the credit card company, and they told me that the reason was that the bank told them that my checking account was closed! Double WTF!?! I know the account is open - I can access it on the net. I know the account info that I gave the credit card company is correct, because I doublechecked that on the net, too. The rep said they would investigate and get back to me.

Then, I was mowing the lawn, and the lawn mower ran out of gas. And there was none in the gas can. I knew that beforehand, but I forgot to bring the can with me this week to get it filled. So I had to drive to the gas station to fill up the gan so I could finish mowing. Did I mention that I filled up my car yesterday?

Went to the gas station, and decided to pick up a sandwich at the sub shop next door. Ordered a medium sandwich and a soda, and the cashier said "$11.72," so I handed him a twenty, and he started to hand me back the change when it dawned on me that there was no way my meal cost that much. Turns out he had charged me for the guy ahead of me's meal as well. I decided at that point that it'd be best if I avoided using power tools for the rest of the day.

I actually had a very productive afternoon. I spent some quality time down in the cool of the basement with a box cutter, hacking up a bunch of empty cardboard boxes into recycleable sized pieces. This was long overdue. One of the boxes was for my lawnmower, which I bought two years ago. Did some laundry, and some straightening up as well. I also managed to fix two non-operating windows up in my attic. Yay me! Then I did seventeen miles on the bike at the bikepath, which, for a change, was mostly free of speed bumps other people. The only negative was that my right knee is still getting very stiff at the end of the ride.

Now if I can just get the laptop to talk to the network, everything would be just ducky!
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