DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Lions and Tigers and... Oh, My!

Hot on the heels with my close encounter with a bear down in NJ comes news of bear sightings here in South County. The most recent one was about four miles from my house (and about a mile from my old apartment). DEM suspects that all the sightings are of the same bear, who seems to get around a lot. When he showed up in the Mettatuxet neighborhood of Narragansett (another place I used to live) the other night, TV reporters were out in force. One mentioned that someone from DEM told her that the bear was probably searching for a mate. If that's true, he was in the wrong neighborhood. Everyone knows that if you're looking for a mate in Narragansett you need to put on five pounds of gold chains and hang out in the bars down by Scarborough Beach.

So far the bear has eluded all attempts to capture him, making him, if not smarter than the average bear, at least smarter than the average animal control officer.
Tags: nature
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