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URI 61 - SHU 60

Sigh. Went to a college basketball game for the first time in years, and you know what? I didn't care much that the team I was rooting for blew a fourteen point half-time lead and lost. Part of it was that I had other things on my mind, but I'm also just not as invested in college basketball as I once was. I started going to games my senior year at the Hall, which played in tiny little 2500-seat Walsh Auditorium, the same court where I had my high school gym classes. It had the best floor. Instead of the long strips of maple you usually see in gyms, Walsh's floor was made up of row after row of 2" x 4" blocks, end grain up. It was stained dark, and it was old and gorgeous. In high school, we'd use the auditorium for events, even occasionally mass, and I would just sit in my seat staring at the grain patterns beneath my feet.

There were no assigned seats at floor level, it was all bleachers, and we used to go early to grab the spots behind the visitors bench so we could rag on the opposing team. Dick Vitale (when he was coaching U of Detroit) screamed at us one time. Another time, we had a great conversation with the coach of a lower division school that was getting beaten badly. He even gave up some gatorade. It was fun. You were mere feet from the action.

URI had a similar gym, a little larger, but not much. I went to a lot of games there over the years. I also saw the Hall play Brown at old Marvel Gym one time, another teeny tiny building. There were so few people there that by the end of the game I was sitting at the press table. It was great. Now the Hall plays all it's games at the Meadowlands, and URI plays in a new snazzy building with all the bells and whistles, and it's just not fun. You're too far from the floor. There are too many distractions. You get a better view watching on TV. Feh.

After the game, I came home and found that we were at war.

And on top of everything else, I am livid tonight about an e-mail I read attacking one of my friends from a person I don't even know.

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