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As I was getting ready for my ride this evening, a couple of small kids on bikes (with grandma walking behind them) passed by, and the boy looked at me and said, "Cool!" When I asked what was so cool, he said it was my gloves. I mentioned that the palms were padded, which helps protect your hands in an accident. He agreed that this was a good feature, then showed me the scab on his knee that was the result of his most recent bicycle mishap. Then he noticed the toe clips on the pedals of my bike. That got another "Cool!" Meanwhile grandma and little sis were waiting quietly while he geeked out. A seven year-old thinks I have cool stuff, so I've got that going for me...

It was nice to get out after a couple of days of heavy rain. The weather has been wreaking havok on my attempts to get into a decent riding routine. I thought I'd finally settled in towards the middle of July. I even managed to get in a good ride between afternoon and evening sessions at ReaderCon. (My hotel was only a mile from the Bedford end of the Minuteman bike path.) Then monsoon season started. Ride two days, Watch it rain for three, mow the lawn, get a ride in, watch more rain fall, lather, rinse, repeat. Still, I am closing in on a thousand miles for the year (959 so far), and the odometer on my not quite 15 month-old Fuji rolled past two grand tonight.

I've been getting some weird cramps in my legs at night. Now, for as long as I've been an adult I've occasionally gotten middle of the night charley horses in the back of either calf, the kind where any movement of the leg at all seems to make it worse. Last fall I started getting night cramps in the muscle that runs along the outside of my lower left leg and down under the arch of my foot. Only the left leg. While painful, those are actually easier to deal with because the location lets me flex my knee without adding to the pain, so I can reach down and massage the cramp out.

Then one night last week, my right foot cramped up into something resembling an eagle claw, and no amount of rubbing could convince it to unclench. I finally limped my way to the bathroom, got into the shower (at 3 in the morning), and used my shower massager on it until it finally relaxed. Actually, the limping along helped relax it, too. Still, it was cramped up for several minutes. Usually my leg cramps last for twenty or thirty seconds or so, even if it seems like hours.

I haven't had a repeat of the foot cramp, but since then I've had cramps just below and behind each of my knees on different nights. I can't wait to see what little practical joke my legs plan to pull on me next.
Tags: biking, health, weirdness

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