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New. League. Record.

So, I rode a lot this weekend. Eighteen miles on the South County path yesterday, and twenty-six today up on the Blackstone Valley path. That brings me to 1363 for the year, surpassing last year's 1362, with plenty of riding days left for the year. Go me!

I stretched it out today knowing how much more I had to get, and paid a price in being totally useless for the rest of the day from the tired. It's weird. Twenty miles doesn't affect me. I could probably mow the lawn after. Twenty-two miles leave me whipped, not so much during the ride, but afterwards. I suppose it's a matter of practice. Most of my rides are in the 14-18 mile range, so this old body just isn't used to the longer rides. Something to work on next year.

I was surprised by how warm it got today, first day of autumn and all. The past few days have been pretty cool, mid-sixties during the day, getting down into the forties overnight. Today was in the high seventies.

I pulled the a/c out of the bedroom window yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't put the screen in because some hornets decided to build a nest up at the top of the window. That is, I could've put the screen in, but then the hornet nest would have been inside it. Not my preferred situation, and likely not the hornets', either. Nobody needs angry hornets in their bedroom. So after dusk, with the window sealed up tight, I went outside to see what I could do about it.

First I tried some insecticide, but from the outside, the top of the window is nine or ten feet off the ground, so the spray didn't reach. Plus the breeze made it difficult to get a good charge in one spot anyway. I could've gotten closer using a ladder, but again, my preference is not to stick my face near a hornets' nest. So as my second attempt, I turned the hose on the sleeping nest, hoping to dislodge it. The stream sogged it up pretty good, but the nest didn't fall. So I reached up with the business end of a hoe, and knocked as much as I could off. There was just a small lump left. I figured I could get that piece today after it dried out a little.

Um, no. I went out back after the ride, thinking how nice it would be to put the screen in so I could open the window wide to let some cooling breezes in, and there the hornets were, rebuilding on the little stub I'd left like it was post-Katrina New Orleans. So tonight they got hit with a second storm, along with some more hoe work. We'll see.
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