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What the hell happened to the sunny day I was expecting?

I think I can safely say that I've switched over to a winter bicycling schedule (i.e., few rides and far between). The combined machinations of mother nature, UPS, and newegg.com kept me off my bike for eleven days, but I finally got a ride in yesterday. I'd hoped to get in another today, but there's all this precipitation going on. Feh!

The newegg thing annoyed me greatly. I ordered a new monitor from them. UPS tried to deliver it to my house, but newegg required a signature, which of course I wasn't there to give, because, you know, I work for a living. So I went on UPS's site to change the delivery to my workplace. Except the site didn't give me that option. So I called up UPS and asked to have the delivery shifted. The customer service rep told me that they couldn't do it because newegg wouldn't allow it. My only option besides taking a day off from work was will call. I said, fine, lets do that, and she said she'd take care of it. The next night I drove up to Warwick after work to pick up the package, but they didn't have it. Apparently someone at UPS saying that they'll have the package taken off the truck for will call doesn't mean that someone will actually follow through and do it. The man behind the counter assured me that he'd personally see to it that the package would be waiting for me the next night. And he came through, but it didn't make me any less aggravated with either company for making me waste all that gas and two perfectly good evenings for bike rides.
Tags: annoyances, biking, weather

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