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Friday Night Culture

Friday night I went out with friends to see another friend in a production of "The Kitchen Witches" in Willimantic, CT. The play was fun, a light, attractive entertainment about two cooking show divas forced by circumstance to share a single community access TV show. Friend Dale was terrific in her part as one of the divas. This was her first non-musical (although she and her co-star did sing the cooking show jingle), and her first starring role. Very exciting.

The ride to and from was interesting. For those unfamiliar with New England geography, Willimantic is in the middle of frelling nowhere, and although there's a decent road heading out that way from, say, Providence, you just cain't get there from down here. So it was fifty miles of back roads each way. It actually wasn't a bad ride. The roads were in good shape, and there was very little traffic, owing no doubt to the fact that there's absolutely nothing of interest between here and there. Did you no that there's a hamlet in Rhode Island named Rice City. I didn't until I drove through it, and I've lived in these parts for more than thirty years. It even has a wikipedia entry.

I also drove through Scotland, which is a town in Connecticut. It's just east of Westminster and Canterbury, and a bit north of Baltic, Hanover, Versailles, and Lisbon. Props to those early Connecticutians and their mad European geography skilz. Gave the ride sort of a euro flair, ya know.
Tags: friends, geography, plays, rhodianna
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