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Another lovely day, sunny and in the sixties. Hardly seems like November at all. Of course it will tomorrow because the time changes from daylight to standard tonight, and the sun stars going down before 5 pm. Feh.

I replaced the tube in the rear tire that set off last weekend's Blackstone death march. Took me awhile to find the leak in the old tube. For one thing, it was teensy. For another, it turns out the leak wasn't the result of a puncture, but rather was a defect in one of the tube's seams that finally decided to part, albeit only slightly. So it had nothing to do with riding on the path under construction. Good to know. It does mean that I can't really patch the old tube to keep as a backup, because it would be difficult to get the patch to seal properly if it's sitting on top of the seam. Shrug. Tubes are cheap.

I also started carrying the nifty hand pump I bought in the spring. The nifty part is that you can use it just like a normal pump, or if you're really tired or in a hurry, you can screw in a CO2 cartridge for immediate inflation gratification. Less nifty is that a piece of the cheesey plastic holder for attaching it to the bike frame snapped off the first time I tried to clip the pump to it. Fortunately, the pump is short enough to fit in the bike's handlebar bag. Now I just meed to gin up some sort of little roll up kit in which to carry a few tools (allen wrenchs, tire levers, and, of course, a CO2 cartridge).

Meanwhile, I created a culinary masterpiece today when it occurred to me that Taylor Ham slices (the pre-sliced kind that comes in the little boxes) are almost exactly the same diameter as frozen waffles. This flash of insight led to today's lunch of two slices of Taylor Ham sandwiched between two toasted whole wheat waffles. Oh man, was that good. Am genius.
Tags: biking, cooking, weather

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