DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

November Arrives

Well, it may not have felt like November yesterday, but it sure did today. It was sunny, but windy and well down in the forties. I broke out the cold weather gear, layered up, and took my first wintery ride. Mostly I was warm enough, except that the jogging pants I was wearing didn't get the job done. I got these a couple months ago, and they've been fine so far. They're very comfortable, and reasonably good at keeping out the wind, but today they were just too thin to keep out the cold. (This was the one area I hadn't layered.) My legs and, um, adjacent bits got positively refrigerated. The pants I wore last winter worked much better, so it's back to them. They're lined, with a windproof outer layer. The only negative is that they don't stretch like the jogging pants do, so they aren't quite as comfortable. I'll deal. The other thing I have to work on is socks. My toes got cold even while wearing two pair. Maybe toe socks.

To add a little variety to my usual bike path routine, I took a side trip off the path over to my old neighborhood. I hadn't biked those streets in more than a quarter century. Last time I was over that way back in March, I noticed that the house next door to where the ex and I lived was up for sale at a price that just boggled me. Turns out it still hasn't sold. I took another look at the online listing, and the price has only dropped $10K. Keep dreamin'.
Tags: biking, weather

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