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Despite being in a massive blue funk, I was moderately productive last night. I sanded the components of the last bookcase, then dry-fit it all and drilled the pilot holes for the screws. Also cut the last of the beadboard back panels, so tonight all I have to do is haul it upstairs, and glue & screw it together. Then I can start staining them.

I'm still trying to decide whether to stain and varnish the exterior sides of the cases. Except for the left side of the leftmost case, the exterior sides will either be butted up against the wall or against each other, with the face frame covering the joints between, so they will be impossible to see. OTOH, it doesn't take that long to do, and it'll bother me knowing they're unvarnished.

Went for a long walk afterwards. It was very foggy, so the long dark road I walk along was especially dark and creepy. I almost felt like I ought to be carrying a nice sharp stake. When I got back, BitTorrent had finished delivering the latest Buffy, so I watched it, then read a bit more of The Silmarillion and went to sleep.

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