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Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts was browsing through the collection of photos from Life magazine that were recently indexed on Google, and found this remarkable photo of Roy Campanella taken a little over a year after the accident that left him paralyzed. It's amazing how confident he looks, and it's clear that he was not going to let his disability beat him down. And by all accounts, he never did.

The Griddle reports that the clown who sued the Angels for discrimination because he was denied a free tote bag because of his sex at a Mothers Day promotion at the ballpark was smacked down hard (again) by the California Court of Appeals. Their is a remarkable display of common sense displayed in the ruling:

"This important piece of legislation provides a safeguard against the many real harms that so often accompany discrimination," Justice Kathleen O'Leary wrote in the opinion. "For this reason, it is imperative we not denigrate its power and efficacy by applying it to manufactured injuries such as those alleged by the plaintiff in this case."

Apparently, there was also evidence that this person and his friends has been making something of a living filing similar "shake down" suits. Good for the court.

The Dodgers have an interesting (using the old Arabian curse definition) hot stove season to deal with. Three of their best players (Furcal, Lowe, and Manny) are free agents, and Scott Boras represents two of them. Lowe reportedly wants to move back east, and it's pretty much a given that he won't be back. What makes this especially annoying is that the only pitcher on the team better than Lowe, Chad Billingsley, just broke his leg. Billz is expected to be healed by spring training, but who knows.

The problem with both Manny and Furcal is that they both want long contracts (4 years or more). Manny wants to be paid gobs of money into his forties. He's worth gobs of money right now, but very few players maintain the kind of excellence he currently displays into their forties (see also Jeff Kent in 2008). With Furcal the question is can he stay healthy. He is a terrific player when not injured, a difference maker at the top of the order, but he spent two thirds of his tenure with the Dodgers either on the DL or trying to nurse himself back to health on the field when he should've been on the DL. Of the big three, he would likely be the hardest to replace if he leaves, but on the other hand, the reason we know this is because he's been out so much. Sheesh.

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