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It snowed last night. Not a lot, as I can still see some grass poking up through it, but it is still coming down. Bummer.

Active day yesterday. Went for a ride around noon, hoping to get started before the sun ducked behind the oncoming snow clouds, but no such luck. It was cold, mid-thirties, but I was well layered. I added a thermal headliner (i.e., a light-weight balaclava), used a set of chemical toe warmers, and wore an old pair of heavy ski gloves, and stayed pretty warm. The gloves worked especially well. I got two sets of them at Job Lot a couple of decades ago for $5 a pair. I used 'em mostly for cross country and snow shoveling. The first pair finally wore out a couple of years ago, so the current pair is still practically new. They are a little stiff, but not nearly as stiff as wearing leather gloves over my cycling gloves is.

The toe warmers sort of worked. They do an excellent job of warming the bottom of the toes, but the warmth doesn't travel far from the pad, and the tops of my toes still got a little chilly. This may again be more the fault of the shoes I wear than anything else.

Of course, none of this stuff addresses the other problem with cycling in cold weather, that the bike doesn't work as well either. Metal contracts as the temperature goes down, the effect of which shows up mostly in the rear derailleur. Links slip, and the bike occasionally shifts to higher gears on its own. Very annoying, and not much I can do about it.

Later I went to a Christmas party a friend's house, where I spent most of the night playing Wii pool and Wii bowling, and Wii golf. I was exhausted by the end of the evening, but it was great fun.

I got spam yesterday from someone claiming to be named Beets Piccirilli, which is, like, the best spammer name ever.
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