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New Path

I spent a good chunk of yesterday at work, patching servers and working on my Christmas card. The card is done and printed, so that's out of the way. Very painless this time around since I'd chosen the image almost a year ago, and it required no manipulation other than a little cropping. Easy peasy. Now to figure out who to send 'em to, and then whether I have current addresses.

Afterward I layered up and went for a ride around the base, including the new Quonset bike path. The path is actually the old navy service road (aka Sanford Drive/Marine Road) that runs up to the northeast corner of the base, past the old navy landfill/superfund site next to Allen Harbor. It's actually quite pretty now that the site has been remediated, with terrific views of the bay. It's quite short, about a mile long, but it looks like they may be extending it along the old perimeter road as well.

It was quite cold, below freezing even, despite being very sunny. (Fortunately, we got none of the ice that hit the rest of New England, just bucketloads of rain.) My cold weather gear kept me warm enough, so that was good. The exposed parts of my face were excruciatingly cold for the first half mile or so of the ride, but once the blood got flowing it was fine. Near the end of the ride I managed to rip out the crotch of my windproof pants. They got caught somehow on a little metal outcrop just below the heel of the saddle as I was getting back on the bike after a stop. Then they caught again when I got off the bike at the end, completing the destruction. I have a second pair, so I can still ride, but it is annoying.

This morning I made biscuits from scratch (well, Jiffy Mix, actually), and they turned out really well. That's a first.
Tags: biking, holidays, weather

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