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Lots of it! About 8" or so, with more expected today and tomorrow, so no cycling this weekend.

As katie_m noted, the weirdest thing about the storm was that for the longest time weather.com's weather radar was displaying a veriable snowpocalypse while visual observation out the window showed nary a flake. Very strange. The radar gadget is a Microsoft product so perhaps they'll fix it next Patch Tuesday.

We were open till 5:00, although most left before that. I was the last out at 5:30. The truck had a very tough time of gaining traction in places. It's never been as good in the snow as my old Subaru (which had 4WD), and the fact that I probably need new tires probably exacerbated the problem. Fortunately, every other company in the state had closed early, so there was no one on the roads, except for one state trooper who pulled a no-look u-turn directly in front of me. That was exciting.

Now to haul out the snow thrower...
Tags: weather
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