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Am home. Christmas was fine, relaxing even. Traffic on the trip down was negligible, especially since the work that was being done on the Tappan Zee seems to be done. Coming back last night was a little trickier, because it was foggy in spots, especially along the Palisades, and there was more traffic. The traffic thinned out around 10 pm, about the time I got to New Haven, which made things easier.

I received way too much loot, and not a clunker amongst the booty. Highlights include the complete Emma Peel Avengers mega-set, Flight Simulator X, and a 1/350th scale model kit of the Bismarck that I can display alongside the Hood that I got a couple of Christmases ago. If I ever get around to building them both.

The best news of the season was word that my honorary brother is now a grandfather, as his DiL gave birth to a little boy, Phoenix Kylar, on the 23rd.
Tags: family, holidays

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