DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

The First Lines Meme

This should make for a nice meta reference next year.

Last seen at fatoudust and jesseh, the first lines for each month's first post.

January: I didn't do resolutions last year, but I looked back the the resolutions I posted at the start of 2006.

February: I've spent much of the week dealing with bizarre computer related problems at work, so I am in total sympathy with Bob Timmermann over at the Griddle when he describes the five stages of computer death.

March: March has arrived like a lion that forgot to take its ritalin.

April: There are often times when I think to myself "It'd be nice to be home and asleep."

May: It's been sunny the last couple of days, but a lot cooler than last week.

June: We've had some very pleasant weather the last couple of days.

July: "Testicular squee" (It was part of a discussion about the injury that landed Chris Snyder of the D'backs on the Disabled List.)

August: Drove down to Jersey Friday to renew the registration on my truck.

September: Been running on autopilot lately.

October: The Dodgers got only their second win in a post-season game in the last twenty years tonight, thumping the Cubs, 7-2.

November: Another lovely day, sunny and in the sixties.

December: I made the world's easiest cheesecake last night.

I do prattle on about the weather, don't I?
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