DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Brushes with the High and Mighty

I watched Bill Clinton's plane take off yesterday, not to mention the Vice-President Elect's.

I was heading towards my usual lunch spot aside Quonset State Airport when I spied a bus with a bunch of black SUV's following heading in the same direction. It was then that I recalled that Clinton, Biden, and several other bigwigs were in town (Newport, actually) for former Sen. Claiborne Pell's funeral. The motorcade pulled into the airport parking lot, while I parked in my usual spot. Clinton's Gulfstream was first to head out since it was right there at the terminal. Flight Aware tells me Big Bill was heading back to Westchester. The Air Force plane for Biden (and perhaps others) was parked over at the ANG base, and it took off a little later. Air Force 2(½?) is a relatively nondescript 737, although its serial number is 20202.

I have had previous brushes with the high and might like this. Quonset is a pretty useful place for flights like this because it doesn't get much traffic, but it has the long runway left over from its glory days.
Tags: aviation

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