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Tomorrow is February 14th. You know what that means, right?

Yup! Pitchers and catchers report!

(Actually, the Dodgers are reporting today, which is even better.)

I am still aggravated by the McCourts' decision to abandon Dodgertown for their new digs in Glendale, AZ. For one thing, they've named the new place "Camelback Ranch," which sounds more like a Vegas bordello than a baseball training facility. So I got a certain amount of schadenfreude from the news that the move has not provided the financial windfall that the McCourts planned on. For one thing, they've only sold about half the spring season ticket packages they hoped to, For another, it sounds like they made a huge miscalculation in their attractiveness to corporate sponsors:

The Dodgers and Chicago White Sox, who share the facility, were so excited about their new home's potential as a revenue producer that they ignored the proven spring training model of seeking local advertisers and focused their efforts on finding national sponsors.

The concept -- called "The Starting 9" -- was designed to allow nine major sponsors paying $200,000 annually to secure the naming rights for different parts of the facility.

And to make those packages even more attractive, opportunities for fantasy camps or corporate outings were included.

So far, the sales force is 0 for nine in selling them.
Tags: baseball, schadenfreude

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