DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

I'm so Tired...

...my mind is on the blink.

Last Sunday it was cold and snowy. This weekend it was in the sixties and sunny (mostly).

Took the newly repaired truck* out to see bike shop guy yesterday. As expected, my rear wheel is still in pieces on his workbench, as it has been since last September,** so it looks like I'll be riding on his all-purpose loaner wheel for a little while longer. No big deal. Undismayed, I ordered a new set of tires for the Absolute (after 1500 miles the current set are getting a little thin), and we agreed that when I come in to pick up the tires in a couple of weeks, one of them will already be installed on the repaired wheel. The bike gets its annual tune-up at the same time, too.

* The Machinamobile had been spewing coolant for the last week or so, plus it sounds sort of, I dunno, whooshy. Took it up to the dealer yesterday, and they found that one of the metal pipes leading to the radiator had rotted out. $550. Sigh. And it still sounds whooshy, despite assurances that it was the cooling system making the noise.

** It's not that R isn't motivated, but, much like me, if some new shiny greasy object catches his eye, things get put aside, then forgotten. Actually, given the economy, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he's still in business. Especially since I still have a couple hundred bucks on my credit chit from the sale of the Widowmaker.

I took advantage of the weather to finally get some riding in, which is one reason why I'm so tired. Apart from a couple of very wet rides a month ago, the bike hasn't gotten any use for almost three months. It's also been so consistently cold outside that it's been ridiculously cold down in the basement, so I've barely touched the stationary bike, either.

Although there was still some snow melt here and there, the path was in way better shape. For one thing, there were no huge patches of ice with water atop them. Much of the path was bone dry. Yay! OTOH, there were huge numbers of speed bumps, i.e., large clusters of folk wandering along taking up as much of the path as they and their dogs could possibly manage. And then there were the family outings turned sour as Pop stands dead in the middle of the path trying to repair whatever is wrong with the tyke's bike as the rest of the family unit clusters around. Feh. Still, I managed a couple of 16 mile rides. It was nice to be out and about in not so chilly air for a change.***

*** It was lovely both mornings this weekend, sunny and 65°, but both days the clouds rolled in just about the time I was parking at Kingston Station.

Of course the other reason I'm tired is because I haven't done any riding in awhile. I was mostly fine last night, but I got very sleepy early on. I hit the sack around 10, tried to read a little, and was out quickly... And then tossed and turned most of the night as my muscles stiffened up. It got so bad the I was up for good at 5:30 EDT (aka 4:30, yesterday).**** I anticipate more of the same tonight, but this time there will be naproxen or ibuprofen beforehand.

**** I used the extra morning time to do my taxes. The fed has been e-filed. I need to pick up some state tax forms since no-one will e-file RI taxes for free at my age and income.

I love daylight savings time, and this year we get the longest stretch of DST possible. The second Sunday of March is as early as is possible, and the First Sunday in November is as late as possible. Now, if the weather would just cooperate and give us some reasonable evening temperatures for riding over the next few weeks, I'll be happy content no longer suicidal.

I'd give you everything I've got for a little peace of mind...

Tags: automotive, biking, weather

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