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And It Gets Worse

Mark FidrychMark "The Bird" Fidrych was apparently killed in an accident on his farm in Massachusetts. It's hard to explain what a sensation Fidrych was in his rookie season. He talked to the ball. He got down on his hands and knees to shape the pitching mound to his satisfaction. And he got guys out.

Unfortunately, after that one magic season, he blew out his shoulder. He managed to play a few more seasons, but they were always comeback attempts. I saw him pitch at McCoy Stadium for the PawSox in his final season, when he was trying to make it back with the Red Sox. He was one of the few Red Sox I've ever actively rooted for.

The Bird was unique. I loved watching him pitch. R.I.P.

The Bird The Bird

What a terrible week in baseball. Besides Bird and Kalas, Angel rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver Friday night, just hours after pitching the best game of his brief career. He was only 22.

Today was the Dodgers' home opener, and they're just crushing the Jints. Orlando Hudson has just hit for the first cycle (single, double, triple, homer) for a Dodger since Wes Parker did it in 1970. And it's only the sixth inning. I just wish the day wasn't so sad.

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