DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Not Much Progress...

The weather has been playing havoc with my attempts to settle into a riding routine. Lots of rainy (or ridiculously windy) days punctuated by occasional single days of sunshine. Of course, all the rain has been making the grass grow almost fast enough to see the progress, so the occasional sunny day must needs be spent walking behind the lawn mower. It's exercise, but not really what I had in mind.

It was nice out last night, though, so I did manage to ride. When I'm in my routine, I rarely ride on Fridays. I usually use it as a day off before a couple of long rides on the weekend. However the weather patterns this year have had me riding on Friday a lot, and it's actually kind of nice. Very few people seem to use the path on Friday evenings. The rest of the world must all have lives.

I hadn't ridden since last Friday, but I was still surprised at how weak my legs felt on the first lap. At first I thought I might be pedaling into some wind, but the trees were barely moving and I wasn't doing much better on the inbound part of the lap, either. I did better on the second lap. Must have knocked some of the rust off the ol' muscles.

Need to get out more this week. Next weekend I'll be going to Block Island with friends, and I need to get the legs stronger for the climb up to Southwest Light.

In attempted Darwin award news, two men had to be rescued yesterday when their kayaks flipped as they tried to shoot the tubes at the Pratt Dam. This is the same dam where I witnessed a kid drown last November when his canoe capsized while he was trying to do the same thing. This time, at least, nobody died. Sheesh.
Tags: biking, cluelessness

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