Monday, May 25th, 2009
1:19 pm - Tuned Up  
So, after much delay, bike shop guy finally rebuilt my rear wheel, broken since September. And he was also finally able to find a pair of the tires I ordered back in March. I went over there Saturday to get the wheel and new tires put on, as well as getting the bike the tune up it's been badly needing.

The first order of business was to take my set of gears off the loaner wheel I've been using and put back onto my wheel. Except they didn't fit. I have nine gears on my bike, but the replacement hub he used is only long enough to fit eight of them.* Bozhe moi! So he took the high-tech rear wheel off his own bike, which does fit nine, and put my gear set on that. He figures that'll provide him some incentive to not let the thing hang around very long.

* The loaner wheel had the same problem. It's not really a critical issue since I almost never use my smallest gear, but it's the principle.

The rest of the visit went well. I have the new tires installed. That had become an issue because I've had two flats on the old set since I ordered the new ones. The rubber was really getting thin. He also gave me a third tire and a couple of new tubes gratis because it took so long. The rear brakes needed new pads, so he installed and adjusted them. The rear derailleur got adjusted and the cables all got lubed. Took the bike for a test ride, and it was like having a new bike.

All that effort was put to good use yesterday when I headed over to Block Island with the volleyball crew. We were a little worried at first, because it started raining as we were boarding the ferry at Pt. Judith, but fortunately we didn't get any rain while on the island. We didn't get a lot of sun, either, but it still turned out to be a decent day. The temperature was right around 70°, and it was breezy, but the riding was pleasant enough, even on the long climb up to Southwest Light. Good time.
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mearamearagrrl on May 25th, 2009 - 06:13 pm
...have you perhaps considered a new bike shop guy? Good lord!
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DXMachinadxmachina on May 26th, 2009 - 12:24 am
He's a little unfocused, okay, a lot unfocused, but he's a really good bike mechanic. I've learned a lot watching
him work. Plus he never talks down to me. The other nearby shops I've tried seem to condescend to cyclists who don't fit their image of the ideal, like, say, overweight old guys who don't ride 500 miles a weeks.

Plus, I still have about $150 in credit with him from the sale of the Widowmaker. :)

And at the rates he charges me (and his other customers) for stuff, that's about $300 at one of the other shops. For Saturday's work he charged me $40 for the two new tires, which was list price. But he didn't charge me for a third new tire, two new tubes, a pair of new brake pads, nor did he charge me for the tune-up. I'm making out pretty well here.
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