DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

So Tired...

Man, I am wicked tired. The getting up at 5:15 doesn't help, but the mowing the lawn in the hot sun followed by 19 miles on the bike over at windy Quonset in the, ok, the high was only 74°, so warm, sun have done me in. Part of the ride was along the soon to be opened Quonset bike path, which follows the Camp Thomas perimeter road. I used to ride the perimeter road when it was nought but an overgrown trail, so it's really kind of disorienting now that it's paved and, you know, clear. I wish I had taken some pictures back there in the old days. I did take pictures today which I shall put up at some point.

One thing that surprised me is the the old service road out to Calf Pasture Point doesn't seem to be part of the project. It's ridable, but there have been no improvements. Plus, the annoying pair of gates are still in place to be negotiated on foot.

I should drag myself to bed, but it's Dodgers versus the Phils tonight on ESPN, so maybe I'll stretch out of the couch instead.
Tags: biking

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