DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

It's the First Day of Summer...

...So WTF is up with the frickin' weather?

June 21, 2009

Check the wind velocity. I'm pretty sure I just saw Margaret Hamilton float by my front window on a bicycle. Meanwhile, my iGoogle weather widget is telling me that the winds are from the SE at 6 mph. Not bloody likely.

It was like this yesterday, as well, although not nearly as windy. I was going to take a ride around threeish, but decided to check the weather first. There was a huge patch of green just starting at the RI/CT border on the radar map, so I figured it would hit us within the hour and opted forego the ride. When it still wasn't raining by four, I took another look, and the patch hadn't moved. Same thing at five. It finally started raining as I was lighting the grill for dinner around 6:30. Is it any wonder people hate meteorologists? Even when they are just robot sensors they lie like expensive Persian rugs.

In garden news, the potted gardenia I bought at Schartner's last week is currently laying on its side on the front steps, with the bottom of the pot pointed into the wind. Even the flora are hunkering down. In the tomato patch, the tomatoes seem to be doing well, and the spaghetti squash seeds I planted a week ago or so are now robust little seedlings. On the other hand (you know, the one with the black thumb), the musk melons are deader than things that are dead. The first inch or so of stem nearest the ground just shriveled away. I had something similar happen to the melons plants I put out last year, too, so I suspect some sort of plant disease is occurring.

When I got the gardenia, Schartner's was clearing a lot of stuff out, so I also bought a pot of some sort of daisies, and a pot with some sort of alleged perennial that looks suspiciously like marigolds. I also bought a couple of packs of marigolds. The daisies went into the one spot at the top of the driveway where last year's pansies didn't come back. The marigolds and marigold-like flowers went into the circle around the cherry tree.
Tags: annoyances, garden, weather, wtf

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