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Let Me Sum Up...

Previously in the Plentiful Vintage: It rained for forty days and forty nights, and our hero had to shell out a lot of (fairly moldy) dough to get new tires and a battery for the Machinamobile. Also, it was air show week.

Last Week:

Wednesday - Discussed possibly buying a used 6" jointer (Craftsman) from a coworker. I already have a much smaller version of the same tool, but I rarely use it because it is too small. It was still raining on and off, so no bike ride.

Thursday - Finally, a nice day. Coworker brought in the manual for the jointer to show me the exact model. I said I'd do a little research to come up with a price. Got to watch the Blue Angels practice during lunch. After work I would've loved to go ride my bike, but the lawn wanted for a mow. Halfway through the mower just stopped for no apparent reason, and no amount of coaxing could get it started again. Of course, it did run just long enough to make it not worth my while to head down to the bike path. Instead, I do a little research on used jointer prices, and settle on $150 as a fair price to offer.

Friday - As I pulled into the parking lot, I notice that coworker has the jointer strapped onto the back of his pickup for me to inspect. He asks for $150. I agree to his terms. That was easy. What was not so easy was loading it onto my truck. The thing is enormous compared to the one I had, and it's attached to a 4' x 18" x 3' high steel tool stand, not to mention the fact that it's solid cast iron. (There are pictures here of one almost exactly like mine. The only difference is that mine doesn't have the little wheels on the bottom that would make it so much easier to deal with. We'll soon fix that.) It weighs upwards of a hundred pounds all told. Plus, I had my bike in the back of my truck. I stashed the bike in a corner of the lab, then Gary and I wrestled the thing onto its side and into my truck. The lid wouldn't come all the way down with it in there, so I strapped that down as best I could. Getting it out and down into my basement by myself after work was an even greater joy. I wound up taking it down in pieces, using the little folding hand truck I bought last fall. Hopefully it'll still work when I put it back together. Between the hand truck and the emergency jump start battery I bought with it, I hereby declare the Sears gift card my brother gave me for Christmas in 2007 to be the best gift card evah!

It also rained on and off, no bike ride for me, and no one was flying at lunch time, either. Feh!

Saturday - Dropped the mower off at the Mower Repair shop in town. The owner mentioned that mowers more than a couple of years old (like mine) don't handle ethanol-containing gas very well. Apparently it chews up the o-rings or something. Sigh. Afterwards I headed for Jersey for my niece's and nephew's graduation party. It started out as very sunny day, but then the rain rolled in right around the time the food started coming off the grill. Didn't bother me none, as I ate a lot of barbequed goodness. Then I headed back for home in the rain.

Sunday - Parked the truck at work early in the A.M., and then rode my bike the rest of the way to Quonset for the air show, thus avoiding the massive traffic jam that always appears with the show. It was a good plan. The sky was overcast with a low ceiling, so it wasn't the best day for the aerial part of the show. More on the show at a later date. And despite the overcast, I managed to get a mild sunburn.

This Week:

Monday - Finally! I managed to get in a decent ride. Tuesday, too. June ends on a good note.

Wednesday - The mower was ready, so I picked it up at lunch time. (The mower guy doesn't stay open past 5.) Thundershowers all day, including some some hail, so I neither rode nor mowed.

Thursday - Took a half day and drove down to Woods Hole to visit with casperflea and family. Much fun and pie was had.

Friday - The repaired mower worked like a charm, and the lawn was finally mowed. Later I started up my nerd-hole bench project again, which had sat untouched down in the basement for the last year or so. I stained the exterior panels on the cases. Normally I would've waited till they were completed before applying a finish, but I decided on a two-tone scheme, with the face frame and moldings a darker stain than the panels. It's a lot easier to do that when the pieces are still separate. A thundershower rolled through around the time I was planning to ride, so I skipped it.

Saturday - I spent most of the day going back and forth between varnishing the newly-stained cases down in the basement and doing the annual trimming of the hedge and shrubs outside in the hot sun. Actually, I don't think it even cracked eighty outside, but it was warmer than it'd been in a long time. Of course, into each life a little rain must fall, even if only metaphorically — while trimming the bush that hides all the incoming utility cables, I managed to clip the cable line just where it attaches to the junction that takes it into the house. Fortunately, I had a spare coax connector down in the basement, and there was still enough slack in the cable that I could remove the clipped end, fit the connector, and still reach the junction box. Go me! However, by that time I was wiped out from manhandling the hedge clippers all day, and so despite the fact that it was a truly lovely day, I skipped going for a ride.

Today - Finished varnishing the cases. Will cut the molding to fit next, then work on the face frame. It was an even nicer day than yesterday, so I rode the Cranston path from one end to the other and back. The path is a mess, with lots of damage evident from last weeks storms. Unlike the other paths in the state which tend to be built higher than grade, the Cranston path is down in a cut, so not only were there a lot of downed branches and trees last week, but there was also a lot of sand, dirt, and gravel that had washed down onto the path, making the ride a lot trickier than usual.
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