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Après Travail le Déluge...

Despite going to sleep at a reasonable hour, I slept badly due to the combination constant pouring rain rattling off the case of the a/c and the stuffiness/humidity of the room with the window closed. I turned on the overhead fan to move air around, but it didn't help much. I got up at the usual hour, and went down to the basement to get some clean clothes from the laundry area only to discover that a good portion of the downpour was covering the floor of the basement. Feh.

At first I thought that the rain trap I installed under the one known leak had overflowed, but it worked as it was supposed to. Actually, there was very little water in it at all. There were two wet trails leading down to the floor from either side of the window by the laundry, so it may be that the force of the wind just drove the rain through the seals around the window. I'll have to remember to check the caulking there. There seems to be an awful lot of water on the floor just to be from that, though. I wonder if the water table has risen enough with all the rain so that the water is coming up through cracks in the floor.

The water was about a ¼ - ½" deep on the laundry side of basement, and the indoor/outdoor rug I have down on the floor in the laundry is completely soggy. Fortunately I didn't notice any real water damage on that side, since I've made it a point to keep things off the floor for the most part. Well, except for the bag of charcoal whose bottom fell out when I tried to lift it out of the water. Sigh.

Since I had to get ready for work, I left things as they were figuring to give it a good wet vaccing tonight. I headed for the stairs and looked at the other side of the basement for the first time, i.e., the workshop. That was underwater, too, and one of my nerd hole bench carcases was sitting right smack in the middle of it. Frell. Fortunately, I'd stacked the other carcase on top this one. I picked up both carcases and placed them on top of my rolling workbench, then dried off the bottom of the wet one as much as possible. Fortunately, it doesn't look like it was in the water for very long. The water stain only goes up a half inch or so, and the varnished surfaces didn't show any staining at all. I think I got lucky there.

So the plan is still the same. After work I'll be bailing with the wet vac, then hauling the fan down from the attic to get the air moving in the direction of the dehumidifier. If it's nice tomorrow maybe I'll hang the rug from the clothesline.
Tags: annoyances, house, weather

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