DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

God Bless the Internet...

...for once again showing me something that I did not know.

This time it's that the lead singer of the Buggles was Trevor Horn, who later produced most of the BritPop that showed up on MTV in the eighties. Fitting for the man whose "Video Killed the Radio Star" launched MTV in the first place. I found this out only after stumbling across a video on Youtube of a Prince's Trust concert honoring him.

Now, I'd heard of Trevor Horn plenty of times, but until I saw the video, I had no idea he was the guy with the funny glasses. A quick check of wikipedia also adds something else I never knew. After achieving fame with VKtRS, the Buggles merged with Yes, with Horn taking over for Jon Anderson and Geoff Downe replacing Rick Wakeman. When Anderson returned to the band, Horn became the producer. Huh.

And now I remember where the last place I saw his name was. He produced Dear Catastrophe Waitress for Belle & Sebastian.
Tags: blast from the past, music

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