DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Still No Tomatoes...

Garden update based upon a quick inspection whilst waiting for the chicken breasts on the grill to cook. Still no tomatoes anywhere close to being edible. At least Schartners has them now. Finally have a couple of teensy spaghetti squash in process, with at least one other female flower noticed. Up until tonight I hadn't noticed any female flowers, but I guess there were at least two.

Note to self: Need to go to the Depot or Lowes and see about replacing the grill burner and drip plate, both of which succumbed to dat ol' demon rust this weekend.

I will also note that today is the hottest day of the year so far, the first time it's gotten up into the upper eighties. The recent weather has been annoying. Pleasant afternoons in the vicinity of eighty with wicked humidity and not much of a cool down at night. Makes trying to sleep miserable, leading to the absurdity of having to run the a/c at night while not needing it at all during the day. Feh.
Tags: garden, weather

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