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Frell, Frell, Frellity, Frell!

I'm a moron. An absolute frelling moron. Just started installing the bookcases, and remember those soffits I nailed in place to cover the header boxes? Turns out that installing them was a huge mistake. Part of the function of the header and footer boxes is to provide firm locations for attaching the bookcases to the wall. The backs of the header and footer are the only structural members along the back of the cases, and the header is by far more the more important of the two. Since the cases go floor the ceiling, by installing the soffits I managed to block all access to the interior of the header box, so I can't attach the tops of the case to the wall.

So now I have to very, very carefully pry the soffits off, and try like hell not to damage the soffits or the cases in the process. Damn it!

The only saving grace is that at least I didn't glue them in place. Now to see if the urethane had the same effect.

Here's a picture of the cases. The soffits are the "ceilings" of the cases.

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