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Face Frames

One Face FrameThe Other Face Frame Finished the face frames over the weekend, and they look great. I also drilled out the pocket holes in the carcases that will be used for attaching the frames to the cases. I haven't done the final attachment yet, though, partly because it'll be easier to varnish the frames while they're still separate, but also because of the vague worry that I'll screw something up (e.g., misaligning the frame with the case) whilst doing the job, thus ruining almost two years worth now of work. I felt the same thing while putting the frames themselves together, having never worked with pocket screws before. Pocket hole joinery turns out to be pretty foolproof, but being no ordinary fool, I did manage to put one of the holes in the wrong place. Fortunately, once the frame is attached, no one will ever see the misguided hole again.*

* Though now that I think of it, if it had, in fact, been somewhere where it would show, I could buy a plug to fill it such that it would be less obvious. Actually, I may do that anyway for the holes I drilled in the case, which will show, at least in one of them.

Adding to my sense of unease was the fact that I also added some plastic glides to the bottom of the cases, such that now they don't sit level on the floor unless I stick some sort of shim under one of them.** They seemed fine before, but now I wonder why they aren't as level or plumb as I thought they were. Maybe I should get some adjustable ones.

** If these were to be built-ins, I wouldn't bother with the glides. I'd just use strategically placed shims to get everything plumb and level, but since these are to be free-standing, they ought to have them.
Tags: overthinking, projects

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