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Ghost in the Machina

Screws and shims obtained. Also, they had some better maple stock, so I picked up enough for the face frame and some of the shelf edging, so I can start working on the shelves.

Almost forgot the oddity of the night. (Okay, I know that's sort of redundant around Casa Machina, but anyway...) Woke up this morning absolutely freezing. Now the back room is by far the warmest room in the house, and usually it's overwarm, rather than cold. Get up. Check the thermostat, thinking that perhaps I'd accidently kicked it way down whilst I was wrestling the cases past it. Nope, but the thermometer is reading 52°F. WTF? Did the furnace crap out overnight?

It was then that I turned around, and saw that the front door was wide open. No, not a burglary. On occasion, it doesn't catch properly. It was really windy here last night, so it blew open. The wind also blew the door to the attic open. (I'd forgotten to hook it.) It was toasty warm up there, because that's where all the heat went. Yup, doing my bit for energy conservation. Either that, or I have a ghost...

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