DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

First Ride!

Finally, a weekend day that was neither ridiculously cold nor rainy/snowy. No snow cover, either.

I hauled the Fuji down from the attic and went on my first ride of the year. It's been more than three months since there's been any kind of reasonable cycling weather. Today was sunny and in the low fifties. Not exactly shirtsleeve conditions, but warm enough that I didn't need the ear clamp. (Good thing, too. I can't find it.)

I did 14 miles, and my legs were complaining before I finished the first. Truth be told, I haven't even ridden my stationary bike since before I got the flu back in November. Now my legs are stiff and a little sore, but it was worth it. (Plus, my left heel was killing me when I woke up, and I've been limping around all day. Tendinitis probably. Didn't bother me when I rode, but walking is a bitch.)

I haven't been posting much. There hasn't been much going on here. The weather's been lousy for months, and the basement is still too cold for varnishing. Soon maybe.

I did accomplish one thing today besides the ride. I finally got around to swapping in the new smoke detectors I bought last fall. Not as bad as I expected, but more work than it should have been. The detectors were advertised as matches for my old ones, so I expected that they would be able to just snap into the old fittings. Not only did they not fit the old trim plates, the standardized electrical connector apparently changed sometime in the last twenty years so that those didn't work either. The fittings and connectors worked exactly the same, and were very similar, but not enough to avoid having the replace the plates and rewire the connectors. Feh. Done now. Will see if they change again twenty years from now.

Other than that, all I've been doing lately is reading and continuing my search for the perfect computer baseball game. More on that last next time.
Tags: biking, house, weather

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