DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Another Sunny Day...

Rode again today, although not as far. The reasons I cut it short were that my legs were still protesting the sudden onset of exercise yesterday, the numerous moving speed bumps the good weather brought out in spades, and did I mention that my legs were really tired? The most annoying of the speed bumps were the large clutches of people who didn't see any reason not to stand dead in the middle of the path whilst conversing with other clutches of people. Well them and the clueless frelling parents who fail to pay attention as their progeny wander of into oncoming traffic. Twice I was cut off by adorable little blond girls riding tiny pink bikes with white tires as their parents paid attention to pretty much anything but their kids. And really, don't they realize that red bikes are faster?

Ah well, soon enough the CFPs get bored of dragging the kids all the way over to the bike path and let them ride in the streets near home instead, as nature intended.

My heel still hurts when I walk, or stand up, and it really stiffened up over night so that merely rotating my ankle early this morning was enough to bring me from mostly asleep to totally awake and in pain in microseconds. Doesn't bother me at all when I pedal, though.

Speaking of sunshine and spring-like temperatures, there was this, posted by commenter Hollywood Joe over at Dodger Thoughts (which has moved from the LA Times to much nicer digs at ESPN):

"I was in ATL this week, it was snowy and cold, and I was walking a tradeshow floor - ugh. I got tired and hungry, so I ran across the street in the snow, and into a bar for some lunch (food lunch, not the liquid kind thank you). Lo and behold BASEBALL, GLORIOUS BASEBALL there on the TV, in the bar, in the middle of the day.

It was like being blown a kiss from god."

Tags: baseball, biking, weather

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