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I sucked up the last small puddles of standing water tonight.* I wanted to give the last of the water a chance to pool in low lying parts of the floor to scout out a good location for a future sump. Most of the floor is still damp, but there are some dry areas. I've got a big fan moving air around, and the dehumidifier is going great guns.

* The new shop-vac really is a wonder, much more powerful than the old one. Plus it's setup so I can line it with a plastic bag, which will make emptying out sawdust a lot easier. Well, once the still damp sawdust under the table saw dries out. The only negative is the oversized tools it requires, as opposed to the standard size tools the old one uses. Shrug.

I hauled the laundry room carpet outside yesterday and threw it over the clothes line. It was dry when I got back from work, and is now neatly folded and sitting in the living room. After I finished with the vac tonight I did some inspection for damaged goods. It still doesn't look like I lost anything of value. There was one box of old junk on a low shelf that I should have thrown out ages ago anyway. To give you an idea, it included an old set of rabbit ears for analog TV. There was one box containing old plastic model kits that got soaked, but the kit boxes were merely damp, and styrene laughs at water.

Compared to a lot of folks I got off real lucky. A coworker only got an inch of water, but it ruined the laminate flooring he'd installed in his basement. Another coworker's basement was knee deep.

The weather's been gorgeous the past two days, and the world is drying out. Alas, I've had no opportunity to ride, and probably won't over the weekend as I'm heading to Jersey. It's probably just as well. One of the paths I ride goes through Rhody's Great Swamp, and two of the others run alongside or across two of the flooded rivers. They're probably all under water.
Tags: house, the great flood of '10, tools, weather

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