DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Caving In...

It was frelling 85° in the house when I got back from my bike ride this evening, so I dragged the a/c up from the basement and installed it in the back room window. I gotta say, there's nothing like lugging a forty pound air conditioner up a flight of stairs, then maneuvering it into a window after you've just finished a nice 21 mile bike ride on a hot night. In truth, I should've done it Monday night, when neither ceiling fan nor floor fan nor wide open window were able to beat the warmth and humidity enough for me to get any kind of restful sleep. Last night was a little better, at least until a midnight thunderstorm forced me to close the window.

I didn't bother with the big roll-around unit I use for the rest of the first floor. There's nothing on TV worth watching tonight, and so I'm just going to hole up in the back room with my laptop.

Meanwhile, back at Quonset Point, it's airshow week. The Thunderbirds haven't arrived yet, but some of the stunt planes have been practicing since Monday. At lunch today the ANG stunt plane was running through it's routine while some RI-ANG C-130's did some passes and dropped stuff with parachutes out of their back door. The RI-NG was up, too, circling the field with a couple of Blackhawk choppers and their lone C-23 Sherpa, the military version of the boxy Shorts commuter planes that were all the rage among short haul airlines 15 years ago or so. And just up the way, The Quonset Air Museum's aircraft were spiffed up and waiting to be towed over the the static exhibits area. Good times.
Tags: aviation, biking, house, weather

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