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Case of Insanity

Okay, hands shaking, body shivering, I'm in serious withdrawal. Both the Phoenix and WX are down. Jeez, Louise!

Had an insane thought last night. When I installed the bookcases, I had to shim the bottoms a little bit to match the fact that the floor slants slightly downwards as you go from the outside wall to the inside wall. It's barely noticeable for three of the cases, about 1/16", but I had to shim the case closest to the outer wall about 5/16", which leaves a noticeable gap along the floor. Also, it occurs to me that if I have shelves at nominally the same height, the ones in the last case will be noticeably higher than those in the other cases, spoiling the line of the shelves. (Yeah, I know, I'm really reaching for a problem here...)

Most of the dip in the floor under the outer case occurs within the first few inches out from the outer wall. The way the cases are designed, the footers are offset from the bottoms of the sides about 1/4". So I'm thinking I could just uninstall the last case, take a circular saw and cut off the bottom quarter inch of the outer side, and then reinstall everything, right? Everything would be nice and straight, right? Then the moderately anal retentive person that lives inside me will be happy, right?

Fortunately, I'm not really that insane.

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