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This Sounds Like a Job for... Bicycle Repair Man!

Between four straight days of heavy rain and an evening spent building a new mail server, I hadn't ridden in a week when I hit the path yesterday morning. I assumed that I would feel well-rested and strong after the layoff, but I didn't exactly. I wound up doing 25 miles at just under 14 per, which is pretty good for me, but the body was complaining most of the way. Tough to get old. Shrug.


It was a lovely day outside, and since the tailgate of my truck sits under the late afternoon shade of medium-sized tree, it makes a perfect workbench for outdoor bicycle repair. I spent a couple of hours on the 3-speed swapping out all of the 40+ year-old rubber—all new tires, tubes*, brake pads, and even rim strips (the bands that protect the tubes from the sharp edges on the spoke nuts). I also took up the slack in the brake cables. It still won't brake as quickly as the Fuji, but it'll be better. Then I spent some time getting the gears back into adjustment. It seemed alright while doing some slow circles on the street out front of the house. I'll know better when I take it down to the path later on this morning.

* One disappointment here—I haven't been able to find tubes with screw-down valves (i.e., threaded the full length of the outside of the valve, so that you can use a lock nut to fasten them to the wheel, instead of threaded just enough for the cap) like the original equipment had. All Presta valves are screw-downs, but I haven't seen them on Schrader valve** tubes in many years. I like the look of them, and they were traditional on 3-speeds.

** Schrader valves are the kind of valves you find on automobile tires and most bikes. Presta valves are specialized bike valves usually found on higher-end bikes.

One thing noted while working on the bike was the number of bicycles that came down the street while I was working. Lots more than I recall seeing in the past.
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