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Bad Ideas

So here's the thing. I rarely post on Facebook anyway (and never on Twitter), and I'm certainly not going to crosspost either my entries or, especially, my comments in anyone else's posts from here to there. Please do me the same courtesy. Thanks, ever so.

I can see the utility in being able to crosspost entries if one is comfortable matching up their LJ personna with their FB one, much the same as many Dreamwidth inhabitants do with LJ. Although I've never gone out of my way to hide my real name here or over at b.org, I am not at all comfortable with that direct a connection, especially given FB's cavalier attitude towards privacy. And what I really don't get is why one would feel the need to to crosspost comments, which without the original entry or comment they are addressing are just nonsequiturs.

Lily White commented on DXMachina's LiveJournal post: "LOL!"

I also specifically disabled pingbacks (they are on by default), not that I ever do much backchannel, but who needs the potential agita? The point of a locked post is that only certain people can see it, and pingbacks breaks that rule. (Thanks to cofax7and serenada for the heads up on that part of this mess.)


The accumulation of rainy days and mechanical failures kept me from setting a fourth straight monthly best, but I still broke 250 miles for August, which is very good. I'm now also 10 miles ahead of my 2008 pace, which was my best riding year so far. Alas, no ride to start September off because I was at work until after dark rearranging the server nook in anticipation of it being enclosed into a server room whilst I'm on vacation next week.
Tags: annoyances, biking, cluelessness, livejournal, wtf

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