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Got 28 trick-or-treaters, about the usual. The cutest was the shy, very little boy in the Tigger outfit whose mom and dad were prompting him to say "Trick or treat," with very little success. Very adorable, the lot of them. The was another little guy later on in a fire chief's outfit* on who got his line right and seemed very pleased about it.

* I know it was the chief, because it said so on the costume. I occurred to me that I probably haven't seen a kid in a fireman's costume since I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I had a fireman's hat back then, myself.

Rode both days of the weekend, giving me just over 200 miles for the month, a personal best for October. It was wicked windy both days, which took some of the fun out of it since it was right in my face on the inbound legs of the laps.

I spent the time between treat handing out watching Buffy eps— "Halloween," "Fear Itself," "The Initiative," and "Pangs." It been years since I actually watched any of them. Good stuff.
Tags: biking, holidays

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