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The First Lines Meme

The annual ritual...

January - There was no coffee in the house this morning, so I drove down to Dunkie's to get some.

February - Haven't watched any of the Super Bowl except for occasional score checks, but I did catch Pete and Roger do the CSI trifecta at halftime in honor of their corporate masters.

March - Finally, a weekend day that was neither ridiculously cold nor rainy/snowy.

April - I sucked up the last small puddles of standing water tonight.

May - So, three tomato plants (from Wal-Mart) and some spaghetti squash seeds (left over from last year) are in the ground.

June - Into the wind
And up the hill,
But careful not
To lose the will.

July - This is going to screw up my first lines meme.

August - Remember me mentioning three weeks ago that I picked up some new tires for the 3-speed?

September - So here's the thing.

October - So, after one glorious autumn day on Saturday, the weather seems to have taken a turn towards winter—cold, gray, windy, rainy.

November - It is a cold day in November.

December - I'm sitting here with my coffee while waiting for the feeling to return to my toes.

I didn't write a whole lot this year. There was only one entry in all of May, although that might have been the rebound from kvetching so much about the great flood of late March-early April. Didn't write much about my reading, either, even though the list is longer than it's ever been. So it goes. Apart from the flood, not much happened to me this past year. Maybe next year.

Plus, the process of writing seems to have gotten harder for me. I often composed posts in my head while riding or driving, but once I sat down in front of the keyboard to set them into electrons, the ability to translate those thoughts into coherent sentences seemed to vanish. I do have one half-written post in the pipe (about the late, great Bob Feller). Maybe I can finish that.
Tags: looking back, meme, writing

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