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New league record...

...for one of the most ignorant actions by an institution that specializes in ignorance.

Bull Durham anniversary celebration cancelled by Hall of Fame.

The baseball Hall of Fame has cancelled a 15th anniversary celebration of the film Bull Durham because of antiwar criticism by Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

Hall president Dale Petroskey sent a letter to the actors this week telling them the festivities April 26-27 at Cooperstown, N.Y., had been called off.

Petroskey, a former White House assistant press secretary under Ronald Reagan, said the actors' recent comments "ultimately could put our troops in even more danger."

IIRC, Robbins' and Sarandon's comments were that the troops shouldn't be sent to Iraq in the first place. I may be a poor, naïve country boy, but it seems to me that would have been much less dangerous than where our troops are now.

If ignorance bothers you as much as it does me, here's an e-mail form for the Hall of Fame.

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